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Working While Studying in London

London is the hub of all major UK industry, with hundreds of jobs available for those students who wish to work to support their English-language studies. Opportunities exist in finance, fashion, retail, hospitality, and other growing industry sectors. Part-time jobs will give students additional money and important work skills that can strengthen their CV.

Find Part-time Student Jobs in London

Many English-language school have work placement centres to help you find employment in London. There are also reputable and well-maintained job listing sites such as:

    • Careers Group London: contains a huge database of full-time, part-time, and internship opportunities
    • Employment 4 students: lists opportunities for part-time, temporary, and summer work in a variety of industries
    • StudentJob: job portal dedicated to employment opportunities for students and recent graduates

Most job databases have an ‘alert’ feature that send you an email when a suitable opportunity comes up. Be sure to sign up for these alerts.

Types of Jobs

Students should find employment that they can easily fit into their study schedule. This typically means shift work, which predominates in pubs, bars, and restaurants, as well as call centres and short-term temporary assignments. During holidays, full-time temporary workers are in demand, especially in the retail sector and in offices where regular staff take time off.

When opportunities become available there is usually a mass rush to apply, so if you know what business or industry you would like to work in, it might be a good idea to approach them and apply directly. There may be a job opening they have not had time to list yet, and HR managers will be impressed by your interest and initiative.

Remember if you chose the offline options, you should print copies of your CV.

How to conduct a job search

If you are looking for summer employment, do NOT wait until May or June. Companies that hire for temporary summer positions start recruiting as early as March. The same goes for holiday employment: start looking for Christmas work in late October.

In addition to job websites, check the employment ads in newspapers that have hiring sections. You can also wander around the city after classes and look for businesses that have ‘help wanted’ signs in their windows. Retail shops, restaurants, and pubs frequently advertise for help this way.

If you plan to apply anywhere in person, have copies of your CV on you at all times. If you do not have one (i.e. if you are seeking your first job) approach one of the teachers at your English-language school to see if they can assist you or direct you to a CV preparation service with reasonable rates.

Important tips for job searches

Be flexible when it comes to accepting job offers. Even if your ultimate goal is to work in finance or politics after university, a summer job in a supermarket or pub is not ‘lowering your standards’.

It will give you valuable job experience, especially if your future career involves working with the public, as well as expand your CV and provide you with a job reference. With the fierce competition out there for student employment, it may also be the only job you are offered.

When you see a job ad that appeals to you, research the company / employer thoroughly as well as what is typically expected of the position being advertised. These details will put you at a competitive advantage if you are called in for an interview.

If a company offers work that pays on commission or the remuneration is based on achieving targets or incentives, stay away. (Some telemarketing and street fundraising companies operate on this business model.) Stick with employers that pay a steady wage based on hours worked: you will earn more and there will be less pressure.

Obtaining a student job in London is a fantastic way to further your spoken and written English-language skills. You will acquire valuable work experience, build your CV, and be armed with solid credentials when you are finally ready to enter university or join the UK workforce.
English Minds offers job support services for its students. For more details, contact our administration office during regular school hours.

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