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Recruitment Advice

At English Minds, we know that there’s more to an effective job search than just sending out CVs. We help our students prepare for employment in London and the rest of the UK by providing recruitment advice to those who have become sufficiently proficient in English to begin a job search.

Our recruitment advice services include:

  • Teaching students how to search for jobs online and at career centres
  • Showing job seekers how to properly fill out applications
  • Interview preparation and techniques

Job Searching Resources

There are several resources for English learners seeking employment in the UK. Job opportunities appear online, in newspapers, and at Job Centre offices and employment agencies.


Below is a list of websites that either specialise in or include employment opportunities.

  • Directgov: This is the official Job Centre website. Its interface is user-friendly and allows job seekers to filter their searches via date added, full-time or part-time employment, temporary or permanent jobs, and location. http://jobseekers.direct.gov.uk
  • Reed: Reed has new jobs added on a daily, and sometimes hourly, basis. Site visitors can search for jobs by type, sector, salary, location, and date added. The career guides and job seeking advice that the site regularly features are especially useful. http://www.reed.co.uk/
  • Total Jobs: Total jobs has thousands of employment listings and good search facilities. One section is dedicated to entry level job listings for graduates. http://www.totaljobs.com/
  • Monster: This site adds an estimated 80,000 new opportunities a month. Those seeking a new career in the UK can search listings by industry, location, date added, and more. There’s also a CV upload feature that allows one’s CV to be accessed by potential employers. http://www.monster.co.uk/
  • Industry-specific sites: Certain sites, such as NHS Jobs (http://www.jobs.nhs.uk/) and TES (http://www.tes.co.uk/jobsHub.aspx) for teaching jobs are aimed at specific industries, and a good choice for those seeking to enter a specific field.


National newspapers and local newspapers throughout the UK all contain job adverts. The Times and the Guardian regularly post new employment opportunities, with different industries featured on different days.

Job Centre Plus

Job Centre Plus is part of the UK government’s Department for Work and Pensions. Jobs and career opportunities are posted on its website and at all Job Centre offices. Those who visit their closest office can search a database and complete application forms with the assistance of an on-site advisor.

Employment Agencies

There are a lot of employment agencies in London, so it is important to find one that specialises in the type of work the applicant is looking for. Review ads in industry publications and find out which agencies advertise in them. Then contact the best prospects and request an appointment to register.

Job vacancies in the UK get thousands of applications. It is a competitive environment, but the recruitment advisors at English Minds will assist students with CV and interview preparation, recommend the best resources for a person’s chosen field, and give them the tools they need to find the job they want.

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