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Learn IELTS In London – Private Tutoring Versus Large Classes

The international English language testing system (IELTS) is a world-acclaimed English proficiency examination, with millions of people taking it annually. The tests assesses how well a learner reads, writes, speaks, and understands English. There are two types: IELTS Academic (for those who plan to continue their education or obtain professional credentials) and IELTS General Training, which measures English language aptitude in a practical context.

Many ESOL learners elect to prepare for the IELTS by engaging a private tutor. They want a personalised course, with sessions taking place at times that suit their outside commitments. There are several benefits to this approach, which are outlined below.

Flexible schedule

If you work full- or part-time, the fixed schedule of a group class can be difficult to keep. You also may not live within reasonable commuting distance of an ESOL school. An English tutor can come to your home at a time that’s convenient for both of you, or you can meet him or her at a pre-arranged location.

Dedicated attention

In large ESOL classes, teachers don’t have the time to focus on the strengths and weaknesses of individual students. This makes it difficult for many students to keep up with the material, leaving them frustrated and hindering their success.

When you’re working one on one with a tutor, the lessons can be tailored to your learning style and pace. As the teacher gets to know you, he or she will also dedicate extra time to areas that you find most challenging, such as grammar, spelling, or listening.

Faster Progress

Progress is unquestionably faster in a one-to-one learning environment. This is due to the fact that you can communicate directly with the tutor and let him or her know when you are having difficulties. You can ask for as much clarification as necessary without feeling like you are inconveniencing an entire classroom.

Improved confidence

Lessons with a private tutor will give you the extra confidence and skills you need to do well in the oral and written parts of the IELTS tests. Your private English tutor will build your confidence in communicating with English by encouraging your successes and helping you overcome any difficulties in a supportive manner.

Greater understanding of UK culture

Direct and extended contact with a native speaker will give you a greater understanding and appreciation of UK culture. If you meet them in public venues, such as a coffee shop or bookstore, you can ask questions about local cuisine, popular literature, and other features of daily life in Britain. Your tutor can be your guide as well as your English teacher. Large group classes are not conducive to this type of extended learning.

Pre-test assistance

When the time comes to take your IELTS exams, your English tutor will ensure that you are well-prepared for both the oral and written versions. During the days leading up to the tests, he or she will help you practice in areas that you find more difficult, such as oral presentations or written exercises.

By improving and expanding your English-language learning through private tutoring, the benefits are tremendous. Not only will your English improve enough for you to pass the IELTS exams, but working with a native speaker in London will serve as a building block for how you approach and overcome daily problems and challenges in your new home.

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