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English for General Purposes

The English for General Purposes Programme is designed to enhance and improve a student’s confidence when speaking and writing English in daily situations. Classes are available no matter what the student’s pre-enrolment comprehension level, and the areas covered provide advance preparation for the ESOL examinations.

The Trinity College London ESOL qualifications are designed for young adult and adult students who want to learn English as part of their plans to live and work in the UK. The Step 1 and 2 exams target those who have basic English communication skills but are not yet ready for the Skills for Life Exams. These exams allow students to improve their English capabilities while working towards entry level ESOL qualifications.

ESOL Skills for Life qualifications consist of five levels:

  • Entry 1: suitable for those who can read, write, and communicate in simple English
  • Entry 2: geared toward students who can understand and express themselves at a higher level, such as engage in fluid Q&A sessions, write short but organised texts, and use verb tenses correctly
  • Entry 3: suitable for students who can formulate more complex concepts in spoken and written English
  • Level 1: aimed at students who can read and understand texts covering unfamiliar subjects, create short reports, complete job applications, and comfortably discuss more complex subjects in English.
  • Level 2: suitable for those who are fluent enough in English to clearly communicate detailed information, contribute effectively to discussions, and create more complex texts such as formal reports.

The B1 ESOL Entry 3 Level exam at Trinity College London is another intensive test of a student’s basic English skills and is suitable for those who are applying for ILR and British Citizenship.

The English for General Purposes Programme prepares students for these exams, thereby supporting their academic and professional success in the UK.

General English

The General English course is available at elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels. It teaches students how to apply their English skills in real-life situations. Through use of comprehensive and engaging lessons, students will practise their speaking, listening, reading, and writing abilities. and develop their understanding of vocabulary, grammar, and idioms. Pronunciation is practised and improved via one-on-one conversations and group discussions.

Students who take this course are able to advance onto the higher-level English classes, such as Business English, Academic English, and English for Specific Purposes (ESP) courses.

English Communication

The English Communication course helps students improve their spoken English. Whether they are seeking to upgrade their English skills to pass a fluency test or simply interested in strengthening their conversational abilities, this course will enable them to reach their goals. The curriculum materials improve oral expression, enhance understanding through better listening, and develop English presentation skills.

This fun and engaging course can be taken to supplement other English language studies at English Minds. Students who complete it speak and understand English with greater confidence and often progress onto a more advanced English-language class.

Conversational English

Conversational English classes give students a chance to know each other better and improve their English-speaking skills at the same time. The lessons concentrate specifically on speaking, and involve friendly discussions, debates, and class presentations. Students learn how to express opinions, negotiate, communicate preferences, and respectfully disagree. This course is often taken as a supplement to the General English course.

One-to-one English

These personalised classes are an excellent option for students who want to learn English at an accelerated rate or believe they may learn better in a one-to-one situation. The lessons are tailored to the student and their goals, and spending so much direct time with the tutor will ensure that areas needing improvement are properly addressed. Reading, writing, speaking, listening, and other areas of English communication go into a personalised curriculum that prepare the student for advanced learning in General English, Business English, and other more intensive courses.

Group Classes

English Minds can put together special learning packages to meet a group’s English-language needs. Customised curriculums, pre-arranged accommodation, flexible study hours, and even assistance with travel arrangements are among the many benefits of a group class experience at English Minds.

These tailored courses are beneficial for students as well as accomplished professionals: anyone looking for improve their English abilities for business, academic, or personal reasons.

English for jobs and a better life – 4 weeks


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