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Courses Offered by English Minds

Online Tuition

ESOL learners who are unable to attend English Minds directly have the option of studying online. These distance education courses are structured and taught in a manner similar to the in-class experience, so that students who are not in a position to travel can receive the full benefit of an ESOL education. Here are some […]

Spell Well Course

Spelling in English presents a challenge for a lot of ESOL students. Mastering it can be difficult because, unlike certain other languages, the same letters do not always represent the same sounds. But learning to spell correctly is important for those learners who intend to live and work in the UK: a recent study revealed […]

Citizenship – 2 Weeks / 4 Weeks

Citizenship Course Meta Description: Kingdom must be able to understand and communicate in English with a certain degree of fluency. To help students achieve this goal and pass the necessary government examinations, English Minds has a Citizenship Course available. Graduates will be fully prepared to sit the two exams that are prerequisites to becoming a UK […]

Pronunciation – 4 weeks

Have you ever had problems understanding people on the telephone? Have you ever wanted to sound more English because people cannot understand you at work or maybe you want to socialise but feel that your accent makes life just too difficult? Then why not try our pronunciation course? We cater for every level of student […]

English for jobs and a better life – 4 weeks

Tired of working as a ‘barista’? Stuck in a dead end job on minimum pay with poor prospects of promotion? Would you like move up the job ladder but feel you don’t have the skills needed to do this? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then English Minds is the place to start! Our […]

English for Business Purposes

The English for Business Purposes program prepares students to communicate accurately and effectively in business and professional situations. The material covered in the program courses provides advance preparation for the Business English Certificate (BEC) examination. Course Descriptions: Business English: Helps students progress into their chosen business area or prepare for one of our English for […]

English for Academic Purposes

English for Academic Purposes The English for Academic Purposes Programme features courses designed to help ESOL students read, write, speak, and understand academic-level English. Upon successful programme completion, students are ready to fulfill the requirements necessary to obtain and / or succeed at the following: First Certificate of English (FCE) Certificate of Advanced English (CAE) […]

English for General Purposes

The General English Programme is designed to enhance and improve an ESOL student’s confidence when speaking and writing English in daily situations. Classes are available no matter what the student’s pre-enrolment comprehension level, and the areas covered provide advance preparation for the ESOL examinations. The Trinity College London ESOL qualifications are designed for young adult […]

English for General Purposes


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