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Spell Well Course

Spelling in English presents a challenge for a lot of ESOL students. Mastering it can be difficult because, unlike certain other languages, the same letters do not always represent the same sounds. But learning to spell correctly is important for those learners who intend to live and work in the UK: a recent study revealed that no matter how qualified a person is for a position, employers will reject their CV if it contains spelling mistakes.

The Spell Well course at English Minds teaches students how to spell properly in English. Classes are available for all levels of pre-enrolment ability, from beginner to more advanced.  All the fundamental spelling rules are covered, and teachers provide guidelines and tips for learning and remembering more difficult English words.

All classes include verbal and written exercises tailored to student ability and current English comprehension level.

One-to-one Spelling Classes

These Spell Well classes are an ideal solution for students who want to master English spelling more quickly, or feel that working directly with the teacher will give them a better understanding of the course materials. All lessons are customised to match the student’s schedule, ability, and goals, with areas that need improvement being given extra time and attention. Oral and written exercises, combined with a review of spelling rules, prepare the student for classes that require solid spelling ability, such as Business English and Academic English.

Group Classes

Group Spell Well classes incorporate the individual approach of one-on-one tutoring into a group setting.

The teachers at English Minds understand and appreciate that the ESOL experience varies for every student, especially when it comes to spelling in English. Learners whose native language is very static where vowels are concerned (i.e. Spanish) can have difficulties with English vowels, while those who speak monosyllabic languages (i.e. Chinese) can find it problematic to sound out and spell longer English words. Each student’s success is individually encouraged and supported.

Upon successful completion of the Spell Well course, students are ready to enrol in courses that call for more advanced spelling ability, such as Business or Academic English or one of the English for Specific Purposes (ESP) courses, which provide additional spelling instruction for success in specialised industries.

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