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English for General Purposes

The General English Programme is designed to enhance and improve an ESOL student’s confidence when speaking and writing English in daily situations. Classes are available no matter what the student’s pre-enrolment comprehension level, and the areas covered provide advance preparation for the ESOL examinations.

The Trinity College London ESOL qualifications are designed for young adult and adult students who want to learn English as part of their plans to live and work in the UK. The Step 1 and 2 exams target those who have basic English communication skills but are not yet ready for the Skills for Life Exams. These exams allow students to improve their English capabilities while working towards entry level ESOL qualifications.

ESOL Skills for Life qualifications consist of five levels:

  • Entry 1: suitable for those who can read, write, and communicate in simple English
  • Entry 2: geared toward students who can understand and express themselves at a higher level, such as engage in fluid Q&A sessions, write short but organised texts, and use verb tenses correctly
  • Entry 3: suitable for students who can formulate more complex concepts in spoken and written English
  • Level 1: aimed at students who can read and understand texts covering unfamiliar subjects, create short reports, complete job applications, and comfortably discuss more complex subjects in English.
  • Level 2: suitable for those who are fluent enough in English to clearly communicate detailed information, contribute effectively to discussions, and create more complex texts such as formal reports.

The B1 ESOL Entry 3 Level exam at Trinity College London is another intensive test of a student’s basic English skills and is suitable for those who are applying for ILR and British Citizenship.

The General English prepares students for these exams, thereby supporting their academic and professional success in the UK.


Dedicated listening classes improve a student’s ability to understand spoken English in all types of situation. The initial lessons involve listening to simple, slowly spoken texts, and by the end of the course, the student will understand more detailed, naturally spoken conversations.


Conversational English classes give students a chance to know each other better and improve their English-speaking skills at the same time. The lessons concentrate specifically on speaking, and involve friendly discussions, debates, and class presentations.


Using interactive and easy-to-follow lessons, students read texts and answer questions about what they have read. The assigned texts gradually become more challenging until the student is reading and understanding English-language books, journals, and websites aimed at native audiences.


These classes enable ESOL students to write simple English texts clearly and naturally, and establish a foundation for more complex writing tasks, such as resumes, business correspondence, and academic essays.

Skill-specific modules

For ESOL students who want to improve their skills in certain aspects of English-language communication, English Minds offers dedicated modules.

Only Speaking and Listening

The Speaking and Listening module helps students master skills that will improve their fluency in spoken English and overcome common listening problems. Upon completion of the module, learners will have accomplished the following:

  • Assembled a range of spoken expressions and English idioms
  • Acquired a more natural speaking ability
  • Developed effective listening techniques

Only Reading

The Reading module is designed for ESL learners who want to improve their ability to read and understand detailed English texts. Exercises and tests are designed to increase reading ability to the point that the student can:

  • Read and understand popular texts such as books, newspapers, and websites
  • Read and understand business and academic texts
  • Read at a rate of speed and comprehension comparable to native speakers

Only Writing

This module develops practical, real-world writing skills so that students can express themselves more accurately and effectively. Graduates will be able to:

  • Use effective vocabulary and correct punctuation
  • Write clear sentences that flow logically into one another
  • Edit drafts to create a more polished written piece

Only Spelling

This popular module helps ESL learners enhance their spelling ability. All important English spelling bases are covered, and students learn techniques for mastering more difficult words. Upon completion of the module, students will be able to:

  • Write clear and correct words and phrases in English
  • Create a foundation for more complicated spelling environments, such as Business or Academic English


Citizenship – 2 Weeks / 4 Weeks


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