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English for Business Purposes

The English for Business Purposes program prepares students to communicate accurately and effectively in business and professional situations. The material covered in the program courses provides advance preparation for the Business English Certificate (BEC) examination.

Course Descriptions:

  • Business English: Helps students progress into their chosen business area or prepare for one of our English for Specific Purposes (ESP) courses
  • Business Communications: Strengthens a student’s proficiency in spoken and written English, two skills integral to effective business communications
  • English for Specific Professions (ESP): Offers classes in ten important business industries and the English vocabulary specific to each
  • Business English Plus ESP: Combines principal business English with the specialised vocabulary applicable to the student’s chosen industry.

Courses start every Monday at our London campus and consist of a minimum study period of one week. Each class accommodates a maximum of 15 students and features intermediate and advanced levels. To qualify for the English for Business Purposes programme, students must have successfully completed their B1 High examination.

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