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English for Academic Purposes

English for Academic Purposes

The English for Academic Purposes Programme features courses designed to help ESOL students read, write, speak, and understand academic-level English. Upon successful programme completion, students are ready to fulfill the requirements necessary to obtain and / or succeed at the following:

  • First Certificate of English (FCE)
  • Certificate of Advanced English (CAE)
  • Business English Certificate (BE)
  • International English Language Testing Service (IELTS)
  • University Access Programme (EAP)

FCE-  First certificate in English

The First Certificate in English (FCE), is an English language examination provided by Cambridge English Language Assessment. It is an upper-intermediate, international English language qualification that has widespread recognition in both business and industry as well as universities, colleges, and other upper-level educational institutions. Students who obtain this certificate prove that they have mastered the level of English required for work and study purposes in the UK.

CAE- Certificate in advanced English

The Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) is a highly respected qualification in the UK. The examination is a thorough assessment of one’s English language ability and is recognized as a badge of excellence by schools, businesses, and government departments all over the country.

BEC- Business English Certificate

The BEC examination, which is produced by Cambridge English Language Assessment, as an important tool for measuring English proficiency in a business context. There are three BEC levels:

  • BEC Preliminary (B1)
  • BEC Vantage (B2)
  • BEC Higher (C1)

Obtaining the Business English Certificate demonstrates to employers that the student can communicate confidently in English in international business environments.

IELTS Preparation

The IELTS Preparation courses at English Minds are offered at three separate levels: Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced. The core skills required by the IELTS test are all covered, and can be supplemented by elective sessions that help students focus on skills that need improvement. After completing the course, students will be ready to sit their IELTS examinations and apply to their desired  university.

University access programme (EAP)

The University Access Course lays the groundwork for future success at an undergraduate or postgraduate level at a UK university. Students taking this course will receive thorough training in all academic skills, such as taking lecture notes, accurate summarising, delivering presentations, and writing academic-quality essays. Extra emphasis is placed on proper reference and research methods and avoiding plagiarism.

The University Access Programme is an ESOL student’s pathway to the English-language university of their choice and a successful academic career.


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