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English for jobs and a better life – 4 weeks

Tired of working as a ‘barista’?

Stuck in a dead end job on minimum pay with poor prospects of promotion?

Would you like move up the job ladder but feel you don’t have the skills needed to do this?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then English Minds is the place to start!

Our courses are designed to deliver success!  Follow our foureasy steps…

1. Don’t know where to start

We are not going to show you how to search the internet – you already have this skill but what we will show you is how to write a fantastic CV that you can upload on the many different jobsearchwebsites.  We will look at your background and focus on your skills set and teach you how to adapt your CV and make it specific to the job advertisement you are responding to.  We will also teach you how to adapt the presentation of your CV.

2. A covering letter

You may have been taught how to write a general covering letter and told that your letter is right for the job!  But which job?  Your covering letter needs to be well-focused and respond to the job specifically and correspond to the skills required.    English Minds will show you how a covering letter complements your CV anddoes not duplicate it!  We guarantee to show you how to personalise your letter so that the employer is persuaded to invite you to an interview!  First impressions are critical so don’t delay, start with the CV and the covering letter.

3. Now you’ve got the interview

Dealing with questions at an interview can be very tricky.  Why do so many applicants fail at interview stage?  Lack of preparation!  English Minds will teach you how to predict and research.  Find out what the job entails and analyse your experience so that this matches the job requirements and the company needs.  You’ll soon be preparing your own questions so that you are totally ready.  Remember!  From an employer’s point of view no questions from you means no interest in the job!

What is more, through practical role-play you’ll soon feel at ease with the whole procedure.

We’ll make job hunting fun and help you achieve your goal and get the job you want.

4. Telephone interviews – tell me about yourself…

In this age of technology and long distance communication, interviews on the telephone or by Skype are on the increase.  Telephone interviews require confidence and a professional attitude.  English Minds will teach you how to respond to such questions as: ‘tell me about a time when you made a difficult decision’ or ‘tell me about a time when you showed strong leadership skills’.  With English Minds you will happy to answer such questions because after studying with us, you will have both the ability and the competence.

Want that dream job?  Go for it!  Register on line or call English Minds and we’ll help get you where you would like to be!

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