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English for Business Purposes

The English for Business Purposes programme is aimed at students who want to develop and improve their spoken and written English in business situations. The course materials and exercises will teach students how to communicate effectively in a business context and provide a solid foundation for those who want to obtain their Business English Certificate (BEC).

Business English

The Business English course teaches effective corporate and business communication techniques. Students learn core concepts that will develop their understanding of business ethics, corporate culture, and global markets, and acquire skills needed to successfully conduct business presentations, write reports and formal letters, and communicate effectively via phone and email.

After successfully completing this course, students are ready to apply their abilities to their chosen business area or enrol in one of the English for Specific Purposes (ESP) courses, which provide additional preparation for success in specialised industries.

Business Communications

Business Communications classes emphasize speaking and writing in business environments. Students will obtain proficiency in writing business emails and reports and learn the skills necessary for positive cross-cultural communications.

This course is a recommended addition to the Business English course. Interactive activities such as speaking, listening, and role-playing, are structured to enhance business communication abilities. Students who pass this course will be able to progress onto one of the programme’s more advanced classes, such as English for Specific Purposes courses (ESPs).

English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

The English for Specific Purposes (ESP) courses offered by English Minds concentrates on ten core industries in the UK, providing students with the industry vocabulary, insights, and communication styles required to excel in that sector.

ESP: Medicine

This course is designed to assist doctors and medical students who want to improve their English communication skills in preparation for employment in the UK. All materials and exercises are structured so that students rapidly learn specialised vocabulary and expressions as well as the English pronunciation of medical terms.

ESP: Finance

The ESP: Finance course teaches industry-specific English to finance professionals and those seeking a career in the field. Students will strengthen their understanding of core financial concepts and learn the industry terminology.

ESP: Law

This course is designed to provide a solid English language foundation for law students, recent graduates, and legal professionals who want to improve their speaking and writing abilities. Students will strengthen their grasp of legal terminology as they participate in speaking, writing, and listening exercises.

ESP: Engineering

This course provides engineering students and professionals with the English skills necessary to succeed at a UK engineering firm. Spoken and written exercises cover terminology and situations that apply in an engineering setting.

ESP: Media

Students wanting to embark on a career at a UK media resource organisation will benefit from the skills taught by this specialised course. Industry sectors covered include: publishing, journalism, film, and television.

ESP: Human Resources

HR professionals require a strong proficiency in English to deal effectively with people in the workplace. Students will master the writing and speaking skills necessary to properly navigate workplace issues such as employee recruitment, training, management, and discipline.

ESP: Tourism

This course prepares students for a career in tourism by focusing on the language skills required to deliver excellent customer service and courteous and professional communication. Students will also explore the various segments of the tourism market to determine what aspect is right for them.

ESP: Oil and Gas

Opportunities within the oil and gas industries are growing in the UK. This course provides students with the essential English language abilities to succeed in this thriving and competitive market.Topics covered include proper project management, industry trends, and specific processes such as extraction, pumping, transport to refinery, and on-shore / offshore platforms.

ESP: Fashion

ESP: Fashion gives students the fundamentals they need to communicate and thrive in the world of fashion. Design, production, purchasing, and textiles are all covered, as well as the English terminology the student will need to succeed in each division.

ESP: Aviation

The aviation industry is one that requires a high level of proficiency in spoken and written English. ESP: Aviation covers the concepts and terminology associated with key aviation themes and prepare students for studying and working in the UK’s aviation industry.

Business English plus ESP

Business English plus ESP is a specialised course that combines business English with the vocabulary specific to the student’s chosen industry. After absorbing core elements of the business world, such as corporate structures and business ethics, students will improve their English competency in tasks unique to the fields of law, engineering, HR, media, oil and gas, finance, fashion, or tourism.

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